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About Company



  • Integration of highly competitive products on the Russian market and export of Russian services and products abroad.
  • Individual consultations for manufacturers and development of sales strategy

Eurasia Commerce provides great opportunities for the implementation of complex projects in virtually all industries, industrial, housing & public construction, as well as opens access to the best trade channels and engineering design services.

  • Industrial, housing & public construction design and engineering
  • Manufacture and procurement of equipment: piping valves and fittings, electrical equipment, instrumentation
  • Project management & construction


Predictability of manufacture and trading policies of suppliers

Unlike most standard partner / foreign partner search platforms, Eurasia Commerce only works with affiliated and strategic partners whose policies are coordinated by its management, and therefore are completely predictable. This allows for agreeing and guaranteeing the mutually satisfactory and flexible terms and conditions of a long-term cooperation, which is crucial for large-scale construction projects.

Eurasia Commerce is directly involved in coordinating the trade and production policies of all its suppliers:

  • design institutes (industrial, housing & public construction),
  • equipment manufacturers (shut-off valves, oilfield equipment) 
  • production corporations (electrical equipment, security systems),
  • industrial service companies,
  • information & communication companies.

Unaffiliated suppliers are selected on the basis of established long-term partnership with the holding companies. The most important condition for cooperation is the transparency of production and management processes of a partner, which allows Eurasia Commerce to accurately predict further trade policy of these suppliers even at the stage of pre-export preparation.

Only competitive and proven suppliers

Only the most effective service providers and equipment suppliers made it into the company portfolio. Ample engineering resources of Eurasia Commerce are used to implement turnkey projects with further service and support through the use of project teams, which completely eliminates the risks of deviation from the project terms and conditions.

Manufacturer’s export readiness audit includes the following:

  • contract execution history check,
  • assessment of company’s financial condition,
  • assessment of company’s physical infrastructure,
  • analysis of company’s human resources,
  • analysis of company’s products and services competitiveness.


Engineering competence of Eurasia Commerce
At the present time, the company’s management coordinates activities of:
  • 1500   design engineers,
  • 10000 technical and administrative staff of construction companies,
  • 100     structural specialists in mechanical engineering,
  • 1100   production technology specialists in mechanical engineering.
Comprehensive approach to project execution: from the transaction to the after-sales service, from the design to the technical fit-out of the project.
  • Logistics.
  • Installation or installation supervision, commissioning.
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.
  • Pre-design services for preparation of initial data
  • Development of design documentation and cost estimates / general design with field supervision.
  • Stock list recording, coordination of long-term operational plans.


Co-funding of major transactions

Eurasia Commerce provides co-financing for major transactions.

Option 1.

The opportunity to invest in the development of promising projects (transactions / supplies) with the co-funding from Eurasia Commerce allows the Client to reduce both currency risks and general technical investment risks.

Option 2.

This service can be used by the Cliet as an additional investment tool to diversify currency and general technical investment risks.