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Information for Manufacturer


New market outlets: custom strategy

Within the framework of the Agreement on Trade Cooperation, an individual strategy is being implemented to bring the company's products and services to the Russian market and for export, taking into account the market conditions in the identified industry, current and promising projects.

Off-the-shelf marketing tool
  • At the present time, Eurasia Commerce is one of the few partners who can provide opportunities for launching of Italian / European and Kazakh products and services onto the Russian market on terms beneficial to manufacturers. Your products / services and main advantages will be seen by the purchasing managers and executives of the leading companies. You don’t have to waste your time on the client search and negotiations anymore.
  • More importantly, Eurasia Commerce relieves manufacturers from the necessity of opening their offices in Russia because the coordination of the commercial and technical terms of the transactions is carried out by the Eurasia Commerce office in Moscow.
Open opportunities
  • Cold sales on the B2B market are ineffective. This problem requires complex solutions and, as a rule, implementation of expensive strategies. Eurasia Commerce opens up new opportunities to avoid this labor-intensive process.
  • By entering into Eurasia Commerce trading cooperation, a company obtains a competitive parity and may be considered on a par with reputed and prequalified suppliers if its qualification matches minimum specified criteria.
Elimination of currency risk
  • Elimination of the effect of currency risk in the form of the difference between the value of the Commercial Offer and the amount received after L/C.
Elimination of the possibility of unfair competition
  • Elimination of such risks as collusion, pressure, violation of confidentiality in closed processes, violation of transparency, use of insider information, etc.